“I want to tell the story of La Uva as a reminder that the American Dream is still out there, and it is alive and well.”

"Winemaking is equal parts romance and backbreaking labor"

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The Story

La Uva tells the story of Rolando Herrera, the Ceja Family, and Bulmaro Montes, three Latino winemakers in California’s Napa Valley. From their humble beginnings as immigrant laborers working the grape harvests in California, to their now formidable positions as winemakers.

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The Team

We are the team, the hands, the eyes, and the soul behind the scenes of La Uva. Passion on each and every element that provides a unique experience to the spectator.

Dream big, work hard, and never give up.

.Carlos Nuñez  -  Adam Flaa



Behind the Scenes

This feature length documentary invites the audience to follow the dramatic journey of these winemakers from their homes in Mexico, to become successful business owners in America.This is a story of hope, hard work, and passion. La Uva is a story of the American Dream.

Behind the Scenes


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